About Us


There's a new agency in town, Salt17! New York City is a market saturated by businesses small and large, from grand-scale to mom and pop shops, with all of them competing in their respective industries. Salt17 offers solutions for digital, broadcast, non-traditional marketing, and experiential campaigns all with the same end result kept in mind: improve and build brand awareness, and brand loyalty. With success stories spanning nationwide (and internationally) for the past 10 years through independent consulting projects, Salt17 now puts its stamp on the most influential city in the world.



Whether you are looking to advertise in newspapers, magazines, brochures, or flyers, Salt17 Creative wants you to know that print is not dead. Print advertising hosts a variety of content areas such as news, entertainment, offers, etc. By creating attractive and influential content and selecting the correct outlet, readers will be turning the pages for more. 

Digital Media

Planning to advertise on the web? Salt17 Creative has you covered. We’ll take a look at your business decide which area of Digital Media advertising would better suit your business’ needs. Some of the areas we specialize in are Digital Display Ads, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), YouTube and Vimeo Commercial ads, as well as new media like On Demand, Roku, and Netflix.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to directly communicate with your consumer. Salt17 Creative will examine your story, create a direction, and put it into the hands of those who will like, share, and re-tweet what they see.


Television still remains the most effective advertising medium today. By targeting your specific audience, you’ll be able to tap right into homes of millions. Campaigning to the right watchers could give your business significant reach and help to build your brand. Salt17 Creative wants to help bring your business to the big screen.